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Using FOSS Technology

FOSSweb for Grades K–6 is the interactive multimedia component of the FOSS program. It includes activities, simulations, games and resources that enhance the investigations in the FOSS modules. FOSS for Middle School includes specially-designed multimedia activities that are important part of day-to-day instruction. Read further for more details about both technology components.


To use FOSSweb, your computer must meet minimum system requirements and have a compatible browser with recent versions of several plug-ins. The requirements vary slightly for the FOSS K–2 modules and the FOSS 3–6 modules. For help setting up your browser, see our support pages [Test Your Browser/Minimum Requirements for FOSSweb, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use]. Check the FOSSweb technical information page and frequently asked questions for updates. If you require additional technical assistance, you can submit e-mail here.

FOSSweb for Grades K–6

FOSSweb is the interactive multimedia component of the FOSS program, and can be accessed via the Internet at www.fossweb.com. FOSSweb serves to extend understanding of each FOSS module and course through interactive activities, links to the Internet, and connections to other resources such as books, videos, glossaries, and more. FOSSweb is designed to provide enrichment for students and support for teachers, administrators, and families who are actively involved in implementing and enjoying FOSS materials. Activities range from the simple, such as matching similar organisms, to the complex, like determining a hidden shape using reflected light. All activities are available both on CD-ROM and on FOSSweb.

Each FOSS module includes a 12-page folio that describes how to set up your computer to use FOSSweb and how to navigate through the various FOSSweb components.

You can download a module-specific 2-page insert (pdf) that describes how to use the activities and other resources on FOSSweb for that module below. You will need Adobe Reader to download and read the pdf files.

Grades K-2

Animals Two by Two
Wood and Paper
Air and Weather
Balance and Motion
New Plants
Pebbles, Sand and Silt
Solids and Liquids


Grades 3-6:

Earth Materials
Human Body
Ideas and Inventions
Magnetism & Electricity
Physics of Sound
Structures of Life
Food and Nutrition
Levers and Pulleys
Mixtures and Solutions
Models and Designs
Solar Energy


FOSS for Middle School

Each FOSS Middle School Course includes specially-designed multimedia activities that are important parts of day-to-day instruction. The multimedia for middle school is available both online and on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is included as part of the materials kit or can be purchased separately from Delta Education. The multimedia for each course provides students with an opportunity to access and interact with simulations, images, videos, and text than can enhance their understanding of the concepts presented in the course.

You will sometimes use the multimedia to make presentations to the entire class. At other times, individuals or small groups of students will work with simulations and other resources.

The multimedia is not optional. At a minimum, you should have at least one computer with a CD-ROM drive and a large-screen monitor for use with the entire class. A connection to the Internet is strongly recommended but not essential.

Accessing FOSS Multimedia for Middle School Online

The multimedia programs are browser-based and are compatible with commonly used browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. The multimedia for middle school are available to registered teachers and their students once they receive their passwords. Teachers should register for a password to share with students for the academic year. Students may use the teacher’s username and password to get on the site. Teachers need not renew their password each year, but if they wish to, they should email foss@berkeley.edu.

To receive a password, go to the particular course for which you wish to register via the FOSS Middle School page. Click on the multimedia link at the top of the left-hand sidebar. Complete and submit the form. You will be asked for your name, email, school, school district, city, state, and grades taught. A password will be sent to you via email immediately after verification. If you do not receive a message within a day, you can contact foss@berkeley.edu.

Browser Compatibility

In order to use the online multimedia, you should check to make sure your browser has all of the appropriate plugins installed, such as Shockwave and Flash. For help setting up your browser, see our support pages [Test Your Browser/Minimum Requirements for FOSSweb and FAQs].

Middle School Multimedia User Guides

Each course has its own multimedia user guide. You can download the course guides from the links below. You will need Acrobat Reader to download and read the pdf files. If needed, you can download Acrobat Reader here.




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