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FOSS Staff

FOSS Project
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: 510-642-8941
Fax: 510-642-7387
E-mail: Submit here

Over the past 20 years, with the support of the National Science Foundation and the University of California at Berkeley, the Full Option Science System (FOSS) program has evolved into a curriculum for all students and their teachers, grades K–8. The current editions of FOSS (2000–2003) are the result of a rich collaboration between the FOSS/LHS development staff, the FOSS team at Delta Education, assessment specialists and educational researchers, dedicated professionals in the classroom and their students, administrators, parents, and scientists. We acknowledge the thousands of FOSS educators who have embraced the notion that science is an active process and thank them for their significant contributions to the development and implementation of the FOSS program.

Current FOSS Project staff at the Lawrence Hall of Science

Linda De Lucchi, FOSS Codirector
Larry Malone, FOSS Codirector
Kathy Long, FOSS Assessment

Projects Manager
David Lippman

Office Manager
DeSondra Ward

Curriculum and Assessment Developers
Brian Campbell, K-6
Teri Dannenberg, 6–8
Alan Gould, 6–8
Susan Kaschner Jagoda, K–8
Ann Moriarty, K–8
Jessica Penchos, 6–8

Outdoor Education Developers
Joanna Snyder
Erica Beck Spencer

Technology Developers
Susan Ketchner
Habiba Noor
Arzu Orgad

Professional and Leadership Developers K–6
Joanna Totino, Codirector, California Professional Development
Cathy Klinesteker, Codirector, California Professional Development
Kimi Hosume, K–6
Don McKenney, K–6
Kim Stokely, K–6
Diana Velez, K–6
Natalie Yakushiji, K–6

Middle School Professional Developers
Virginia Reid
Terry Shaw

Rebecca Deutscher
Linda Woodward

Publications Producers
Carol Sevilla
Susan Stanley

Multimedia Producers
Kate Jordan, Project Manager
Nicole Medina
Matthew Jacoby

Multimedia Artists
Leigh Anne McConnaughey
Chris Linden

Multimedia Programmers
Dan Bluestein
Roger Vang


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