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FOSS Components

FOSS Components for K–6
FOSS K–6 is a complete, modular program consisting of 26 modules for self-contained elementary classrooms. The components exclusive to K–6 are

  • Teacher guides for K–6
  • Equipment kits for K–6
  • Teacher preparation videos for K–6
  • FOSS Science Stories and Spanish Editions

FOSS for Middle School consists of nine courses for students and their teachers in departmental science grades 6–8. Each course is an in-depth unit requiring 9–12 weeks to teach. The Middle School program includes the following five interconnected components

  • Teacher guides for middle school courses
  • Equipment kits for middle school courses
  • Lab Notebooks for students
  • Resources books for students
  • CD-ROM for middle school courses

Two components that apply to both FOSS K–6 and FOSS Middle School are

  • FOSS Assessment System
  • FOSSweb.com

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